Commercial Blasting and Painting

The majority of blasting done at Burrie Enterprises is done for other manufacturing companies. Sizes range from loads brought in on pallets to loads brought on oversize flatbed semi trailers. Some common items for us are: I-beams, bottling equipment, machine parts, electricity transformer cases and snow plows. We also see many custom, industry-specific items that require special attention. We use a variety of media including baking soda, glass beads, and aluminum oxide.

Small Objects

Burrie Enterprises is set up to handle smaller objects in a variety of ways - whether you need a single piece blasted or many. Most small objects in low quantities can be blasted in one or two days. We use a variety of methods to blast smaller objects to offer a cost-effective blasting solution for companies and individuals. Some common smaller pieces are vehicle parts and small machine parts.

Metal Castings

We blast any size metal castings to a white, clean surface. Some of the metals are cast iron, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and bronze. We have also done artwork castings.


To give your freshly blasted project a professional finish and prevent rust, we offer metal painting services as well. We use industrial paints to ensure high durability and longevity.